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There are many misconceptions about who can and who cannot adopt. We do not exclude anyone from consideration on the grounds of sexual orientation, race, marital status, gender, disability or employment status.

Our aim is to find loving homes for children where they can become part of caring families and have the best opportunities in life. People who adopt can be:

  • Single, married, in a relationship, previously married
  • Already have children, have adopted previously, no children
  • Any sexuality
  • 21 and above. There is no upper age limit
  • Employed or on benefits
  • Any ethnic or religious background.

The following areas will be considered.

Health and wellbeing

Applications will be considered regardless of whether you are disabled, a smoker, overweight or have a medical condition. Your health and wellbeing will be assessed to decide whether you are fit and healthy enough to adopt and our team will work hard to support you with this.

If you smoke it does not necessarily mean you can’t become an adopter, however it may mean you will not be considered for certain adoptive children e.g. children with medical conditions or children under the age of five years.

You can look at applying to become an adopter if you have previously undergone fertility treatment. We would advise a period of six months between fertility investigations/treatment and applying to adopt.


You don’t need to be employed or earning a specific income to adopt. During the assessment we will look at your income and management of money, so we can ensure you can support a child through to adulthood.

Once you are an approved adopter, you may be eligible to apply for certain benefits. Our team can advise you on this so please contact us.


You don’t need to own your own home to adopt. You may rent privately, be in a property provided by a housing association or the local authority or own your own home. It does not matter if you live in a house, bungalow, flat or other types of accommodation.

However, it is important to have enough space to accommodate a child/children as in most cases you would need a spare bedroom.

Past convictions

If you have a past conviction(s) it may not necessarily prevent you from adopting a child. This will be investigated thoroughly during the assessment. However, you will not be considered if an offence involves a child/children.

Have more questions?

If you want to discuss your individual circumstances in more detail, please get in touch.