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Our children are looking for loving homes where they can receive the care and support needed to get them through to adulthood.

Each child will have come from a different background and been through their own experiences. We will work with you to make sure you receive any guidance you require to feel confident in offering the care and support needed by an adopted child.

One benefit of working with Together for Adoption is that you not only receive support from our team but from other adopters who have been through the same process as you - hear more about their stories.

There are lots of children waiting to be adopted, but we are particularly seeking adopters for:

  • Brothers and sisters
  • Children with additional needs
  • Children over the age of five years
  • Fostering for Adoption.

Child profiles

We would like to take the opportunity to tell you about some of our children who are looking to be adopted. The case studies featured are not actual children, however the circumstances and needs of the children are based on real experiences, so reflect the children that we are family finding for.

Sophie and Sam

Sophie (3) and Sam (1) are a very active sibling group of two, who need a loving family who like to be busy and are full of energy. We would be seeking a two-parent family for these children to ensure their needs are met. Sophie is a funny, clever and active little girl. She loves to climb, dance and spend time with her little brother. Sophie is a whizz on the park and can climb everything and is very fast. She enjoys watching television programmes such as Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol. Sometimes Sophie can present as being shy when meeting new people and needs time to build up relationships.

Sam is a happy, content and laidback little boy. He is walking confidently and is saying some words. Lots of his first words were food related. He enjoys watching music videos and loves to sing and dance along. Sophie and Sam have experiences around neglect and domestic abuse and need adopters who will consider some uncertainty about their development in line with their experiences. We need adopters who are confident in their ability to commit to supporting them, whatever their needs may be in the future.


Ryan (6) is a bright and affectionate little boy who loves to be creative. He enjoys running, climbing, and playing outside. He likes animals and helps his foster carers to look after their pet rabbit. Ryan is doing well in school and loves reading and writing. Although Ryan can sometimes struggle with his emotions, he responds well to routine and loves praise. Ryan has experienced significant neglect as a young child and has been cared for by several different adults. Due to this Ryan has missed out on school and building friendships. We feel a two-parent family or a single adopter with a strong support network would be needed to ensure Ryan’s individual needs are met. He would need to be placed with adopters who are able to parent him as a younger child to support his emotional needs to help him feel safe and loved.


Max (2) is a delightful little boy who is full of smiles and laughter. He is very affectionate and giggles when people talk to him. Max has some complex needs and will face some future challenges with his physical abilities, which means he needs an extra special family who can support his development and help him to reach his full potential. Max’s foster carer describes him as a delight. He likes to pull funny faces and he will screw his face up knowing this will make you laugh. Max needs a loving family who would be open to uncertainty about his future and are able to support access to services for his health needs. Max would need a two-parent family or a single adopter with a strong support network to ensure his needs are met.

Unborn baby Freya

We are currently looking for adopters who can provide early permanence to children via Fostering for Adoption. We would like to give you an understanding of, if approved for Fostering for Adoption, the potential child that could be placed with you. Freya will be the 4th child of the birth parents. The two eldest siblings live with their grandparents and the youngest was placed through Fostering for Adoption and formally adopted in November 2019. All three children were removed due to experiencing neglect through substance and alcohol misuse.

Freya would need to be placed at birth, with a family who are able to act as foster carers for Freya whilst any legal proceedings are taking place. During this time there would be contact with birth parents. If the outcome of legal proceedings is that Freya should be placed for adoption, then you would become Freya’s adoptive family. An adoptive family would be expected to promote direct contact with her siblings. Any adoptive family for Freya would need to accept that she would be placed at birth and therefore there would be limited information about her potential future development.


Mia (4) is a happy and smiley little girl who loves to sing and dance. She loves the outdoors especially going on treasure hunts and nature trails and would ideally require a family who enjoy outdoor activities, such as walking and going for days out. Mia is doing well at nursery and is very confident in new situations and will happily play with new people. She also enjoys playing with playdough and doing crafts. Due to Mia experiencing neglect as a baby, she has a delay in her communication skills and is doing speech therapy to help her communicate more effectively. She is a bright little girl who is meeting all her targets academically and does not allow her speech delay to hold her back. We are looking for a one or two parent family that can provide a loving and safe home for Mia.

Please note that all the featured profiles are not real children waiting. These are examples based on some of the children we are currently family finding for.

If you’re interested in welcoming a child into your family, contact our team now.