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What is the Post Adoption Scheme?

The Post Adoption Scheme is a service provided by Together for Adoption for receiving, exchanging and storing information on behalf of adopted children.

It enables adopted children to keep in touch with their birth families in an indirect way. Years of experience has taught us that maintaining a link with birth families can help an adopted child understand their birth history, their journey to adoption and their whole identity.

The service is a confidential and safe way to exchange information. It provides a channel for important people in the child’s life to be kept informed of their progress. It also provides the child and their adoptive family with updates and information about their birth family.

How can Together for Adoption support you?

We understand that writing a letter for a child who has become part of a new family can be very difficult for birth families. We also understand that adoptive families can find it difficult to write too.

We're here to offer advice and support with all aspects of our letterbox service, to all parties involved.

For further information please call 01942 487272 or email