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This week is LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering Week (7th-13th March 2022), which aims to dispel concerns that gender or sexual orientation could stand in the way and encourage the LGBTQ+ community to consider building a family and raise awareness of difference parenting options.  

Sarah and Jenny, from Wigan, adopted siblings seven years ago. They are open about both the challenges and the many positive moments that adopting as an LGBTQ+ couple can bring.

Sarah said: "There are still times when being an LGBTQ+ parent brings some challenges.

"But the children are proud to have two mums. 

"We’ve explained to them that all families are different, some children have a mum and a dad, some have two dads, some have two mums, some just live with one parent, some have step parents, some children live with their nans.

"It doesn’t matter as long as everybody loves each other."

Cathy Sowden, Service Lead for Together for Adoption said:

"We always look forward to celebrating LGBT+ Adoption and Fostering Week and encouraging more members of the LGBTQ+ community to think about adoption.

"One in four of our adopters who were approved last year identified as part of the community and we really value the strengths ad experiences that each individual brings to the process.

"Whether you’re single or in a partnership, or if you’ve thought about adoption and perhaps ruled yourself out, our team would love to hear from you and discuss your adoption options."

If you’re considering growing your family by adopting, Together for Adoption welcomes applications from all walks of life. You can speak to our friendly team by completing our online enquiry form or calling 01942 487272

You can also book on to one of our upcoming virtual information sessions.

Posted on Monday 7th March 2022