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As we begin 2023, we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of our adopters who have bravely shared their stories in 2022.

Early in the year, we spoke to Emily and Dylan, who discussed some of their early setbacks, their joy when they eventually did adopt successfully and how their faith and family have helped them along the way.

Emily said: “The first day she moved in with us was so emotional. Our little girl was six, so she was fully aware of what was happening, but she settled so quickly. As soon as she got here she decided to pick out some of the clothes we’d bought for her and got changed!

“I am often still amazed that we have a six-year-old who is so adorable.”

For LGBT adoption and fostering month in March, Sarah and Jenny, from Wigan, who adopted siblings seven years ago, spoke openly about both the challenges and the many positive moments that adopting as an LGBTQ+ couple can bring.

Sarah said: “There are still times when being an LGBTQ+ parent brings some challenges.

“But the children are proud to have two mums.

“We’ve explained to them that all families are different; some children have a mum and a dad, some have two dads, some have two mums, some just live with one parent, some have step parents, some children live with their nans.

“It doesn’t matter as long as everybody loves each other.”

In the summer, Rebecca talked about her experience of going from being a single young woman, to becoming a parent of two little boys.

She said: “I’d always known I wanted to be a parent and as I got older, I started to think more about adoption.

“I was 38 and I’d come out of a long-term relationship. I was realistic; I thought, ‘children come into the world in so many different circumstances’, and I considered my options.

“When my first little boy finally came to live with me, I’ll be honest, it was sometimes really difficult.

“I’d gone from being a single person to becoming a parent overnight, so I suddenly had a whole new level of responsibility. I remember my friends came round to my house one evening and suggested we have a glass of wine, but I couldn’t, as I felt like I needed to be on red alert in case he needed me.

“Gradually, both my little boy and I began to settle as we got used to our new situation.

“When my second little boy came to live with us, it could not have been a more different experience to my first, so it shows that you never quite know how it’s going to go.”

Towards the end of summer, we met Caroline and Scott, who shared their experiences of adopting four siblings in two stages, two with additional needs.

Caroline said: “The first time they all met was so interesting. We had a ‘bump into’ meeting in a local park and when the children came together it was like they were meeting mirror images of each other. They all looked the same. They all gelled immediately. They started playing together, the older ones helping the younger ones on the swings, it was amazing, like they already knew each other.

“When we brought the younger ones home and they were all together at home for the first time, it was such a nice moment. You could see that they were all really happy. We knew and they knew that there was no going back – this was their home.”

This winter, we shared the story of Anna and Matt, who talked us through their process of adoption and their experiences of creating a new blended family with Matt’s daughter.

Anna said: “I’d advise anyone starting the adoption process to do your research first so that you know what to expect. I have friends who have adopted, so that was really useful as we already had a support system of people who really understood what we were going through.

“Our process took a little while, but we had two incredible, very experienced, social workers and really felt listened to.

“The process itself can feel intense as you are asked personal things so if you’re adopting as a couple being able to communicate well with each other is key.

“Matt and I both work and we also had to consider Matt’s daughter, who is very much part of our family, so you have to be honest and open about what will be right for you, as this will help you be matched with the right child for your family.

“When our little girl came to live with us, I couldn’t believe the day was finally here.”

Everyone’s experiences of adoption are clearly as unique as each family and the children they adopt.

But all the adopters we spoke to agreed that whilst some parts of going through the adoption process can be challenging and emotional, it is also the best thing that they have ever done.

Caroline said: “I actually can’t remember what it was like before we had the children, but I know they bring so much life into the home and it’s so nice. I love that we’re giving them a stable environment to grow up in.”

Anna said: “It’s important to remember that every family is different, and I love being all together with mine.”

And Emily added: “If you have that gut instinct that you want to adopt, go with it, and trust it and trust the process too.

“It has definitely been worth the wait.”

If you’re thinking about adoption and want to know more, contact our team by completing our online enquiry form or call 01942 487272.

You can also find out about the adoption process at our monthly virtual information sessions.

Posted on Thursday 22nd December 2022