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Did you know you can adopt whether you’re single, married, LGBTQ+ or straight?

Here at Together for Adoption we welcome applications from adopters from all walks of life, and our team are looking for more adopters to come forward to offer loving homes to children and young people. Jen and Aly, who are part of the LGBTQ+ community, tell us about what the experience was like for them.

Jen and Aly always wanted to have children, and after spotting several advertisements for Together for Adoption, they knew it was a sign to start looking at adoption. Initially they wanted to adopt one child, but after hearing more about sibling groups waiting for a home, they spoke to their social worker about their different options and recently they adopted two siblings.

Jen said, “There are lots of children out there that need to be loved, so why should being from the LGBTQ+ community stop anyone. Being a same sex couple has never been an issue. Our social worker knows us better than anyone, and you never feel like you are going to be judged or treated differently.”

“The training was amazing and so impactful. The groups were really diverse, and we’ve built a good relationship with the other adopters by sharing our experiences and supporting one another.”

Aly added, “Even though at times the training could be intense or emotional, it helped us understand that it isn’t just about us wanting a child, it’s about the how children see the world, and us providing a loving and safe home for a child.”

If you are thinking about adoption or just want to know more, contact our team today or book on to one of upcoming virtual information sessions.

Posted on Thursday 10th June 2021