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Together for adoption week

A couple who appeared on TV after adopting two siblings three years ago are once again leading a recruitment drive for adopters across the North West after sharing the joy it has brought to their lives.

Three years ago, Sarah and Neil from Warrington adopted the two brothers, now aged eight and six, after twenty years of trying for a baby of their own.

The couple are sharing their story as part of this years’ National Adoption Week (16th October – 20th October) which focuses on encouraging adopters who can provide a happy and safe home for siblings to come forward.

Currently there are five sets of siblings in desperate need of a loving family across the five authorities (Wigan Borough, Warrington, Cheshire West and Chester, St. Helens and Halton) making up the new Together for Adoption service.

James Winterbottom, director for children’s services at Wigan Council, said: “Since the launch of Together for Adoption a month ago, we’ve received lots of enquiries from people wanting to adopt with many already on their journey with Together for Adoption. It would be fantastic if this week we can find loving homes for our sibling groups and help get them placed together.”

Sarah and Neil applied in March 2013 and were approved in February 2014. By July the same year, brothers Martin then five and Matthew then three moved into their new home.

Sarah said: “We fell in love with them straight away; it really was love at first sight. The first morning that we all woke up in the house together was amazing and four years on, it’s only gotten better.”

Since the boys moved in, the couple’s lives have been transformed and Martin (8) and Matthew (6) couldn’t be happier, as Martin explains:

“The day we were told we could stay here forever was the best. I cried my eyes out. I love my mummy and daddy and my PlayStation!”

Despite a few issues at the start, Martin and Matthew settled right in and their confidence continued to grow.

They have been abroad for the first time on a family trip to Spain, regularly take part in park-runs, have started street-dance and tennis classes and much more.

Originally, Sarah only wanted to adopt one child, but Neil managed to convince her to have two.

“I didn’t know if I’d cope with one, let alone two! But I really didn’t have anything to worry about because it’s the best thing we ever did. They love playing together and if we could give a loving home to one child, why not make it two?”

Martin and Matthew have also recently started meeting up with their biological elder brother and sister and Sarah and Neil couldn’t be more supportive.

Neil said: “It was something we were asked if we were comfortable with and we didn’t want to deprive the boys of getting to know their family members. They have been writing letters about how much they have missed each other and it’s nice to see them excited.”

The past three years have even sparked thoughts in Neil to go through the process again.

He said: “I’d do it again tomorrow. We would love a little girl. It’s obviously a big decision to make and we need to talk more about it but adopting has been so rewarding for us both and it’s such an amazing thing to do. I’m not sure the boys will want to give up their play room though!”

Martin and Matthew have finally found their happy ending, but there are still five sibling groups waiting for theirs. If you would like to adopt, or would like more information about Together for Adoption call 01924 487202. Find more information about Together for Adoption.

Also, check out adoption stories to hear from those who have been through the adoption process and want to share their journey.

Posted on Monday 16th October 2017