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What is it?

Fostering for adoption places a child in local authority care with approved adopters who receive temporary approval status as foster carers. If the court agrees that the child should be adopted, and the adoption agency approves the ‘match’ between child and the adoptive family, the placement becomes an adoption family for the child.

Fostering for adoption is a child centred approached that is based purely on the child’s holistic needs. It allows children to be potentially placed with their permanent family sometimes as early as a few days old.

Fostering for adoption limits the amount of moves that a child has and the significant losses that they may experience through foster care, this ensures that a child’s early attachment needs are met.

If the fostering for adoption plan is successful it allows a child to become legally adopted sooner than if they went down the mainstream adoption route

Why choose fostering for adoption?

There are benefits of choosing this route of adoption including:

  • Limiting the amount of placement moves that a child has
  • Reducing significant losses they may experience through foster care
  • Bonding sooner with the child
  • Potentially adopting sooner than the usual route if the plan is successful.

However, you will also need to consider the uncertainty you may experience while you wait for the court and agency to make a decision. Together for Adoption will be there to support you throughout this process and will discuss the different adoption routes to ensure you choose the right placement for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much information will I receive about the child?

You will receive all relevant information about the child. However, it is important to understand that there will also be a lot of uncertainties for babies in relation to their health and development. We may have limited information due to the age of the child.

Will the child have contact with their birth family during the fostering period?

Yes, during the fostering stages contact can be very important for the parents and the child. You may be asked to bring the child for contact with members of the birth family at a supervised contact centre. Any arrangements for contact must be centred on the child’s needs.

Will I get any support as a Fostering for Adoption carer?

Yes, you will have a supervising fostering worker, an adoption worker and the child will have a social worker.

Will I have the opportunity to meet other Fostering for Adoption carers?

Yes, Together for Adoption is currently developing a Fostering for Adoption support group, where adopters can access peer support.

Will I receive fostering allowance? 

Yes, all Fostering for Adoption parents receive a fostering allowance until the point of being matched as an adopted family. 

Will I be able to take adoption leave when a child is placed under Fostering for Adoption?

Yes, adoption leave is recognised from the beginning of the Fostering for Adoption placement. 

If you want to find out more about fostering for adoption, contact our team today.