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That first moment David met his child was one to remember. Right down to the sights and sounds, everything is still so vivid for him.

He said: “The first time we met our eldest I’ll always remember it as he was lying on the settee snoring. It’s scary to start with because you’re meeting your future child and this is the moment and there is so much riding on it. My partner got our son to come out of his shell by playing peek-a-boo from around the back of the sofa.”

Adopting was something that David and his partner had initially started thinking about five years ago.

“For us as a same sex couple it was the first choice we wanted to go down, the fact we didn’t give birth to them, they’re not our biological children, doesn’t make any difference to us and our family,” he said.

“We had always intended to have two children and the profiles we were looking at to start with were for two children but when we finally got the match we ended up doing it separately.”

Through the adoption process and thanks to a wide range of support available, they have been able to make lasting connections with others also on the adoption journey.

David added: “Initially when we did the training, we met up with people I worked with who were doing the same training. We’ve since become best friends and are always at each other’s houses. The support network of adopters has been absolutely vital, helping us understand our childs behaviour from an adopter’s point of view.”

From training courses to children’s groups there is a wide range of help and support on offer to those families entering the adoption process.

Together for Adoption is here to help you take those first steps toward a new future and offers support and advice for anyone interested in finding out more about adopting.

It brings together outstanding expertise from across the region to help future adopters and those who have already adopted make a difference to children’s lives.

Together for Adoption is the new adoption agency which covers Cheshire West and Chester, Halton, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan.

If David has inspired you to find out more about Together for Adoption get in touch or call 01942 487272.