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The kitchen is the heart of family life and that's no exception for Jo and her family.

The hustle and bustle of a busy house has become a familiar routine since adopting siblings, a change Jo has gladly embraced.

Jo and her husband took their time to make sure adoption was the right thing for them. So how did they find the process of adoption?

“It was really informal,” said Jo. “The adoption team were so lovely and chatted through everything and we went through to the pre-approval training and then after that we said we just needed a bit of time so we took a few months where we talked about it. We rang them when we were ready and applied. I think we realised early on the seriousness of it so we went at our own pace which everyone understood and they were grateful we were being honest from the beginning. Any fears we had we felt we could voice them.”

Once they had considered the reality of adopting thoroughly, they were convinced it was the way forward for them and so began their adoption journey.

Jo said: “We came in open minded to the process. It was more the background of the child we were looking at, the kind of issues we felt comfortable to tackle or understand. There were certain things we weren’t comfortable in dealing with so we started looking at profiles and talking it through.

“It was about the right child coming along and I thought, how do you know when it’s right? You put the pressure on yourself and it just happened. We got their profile and I knew straight away and it felt comfortable. They had been through a lot but it felt like it was something we understood.

“You almost feel then like you’re fighting for them because you go in front of the panel and think this has to work because they are ours. Emotionally you feel attached to them before you have even met them.”

Once they had been matched the process of preparing them and the children for their new lives together got under way.

Part of the transition period means that adopters spend time with the children learning all about them and their routines, right down to finding out what bubble bath they like to use, to make the move as seamless as possible.

Even afterwards there was always support on hand for Jo and her husband.

Jo added: “You used to have to think before you did anything, when our social worker first walked through the door I had lots of questions ready for them and I didn’t want them to leave because you felt like you had support when you needed it.

“Now it just happens without even thinking about it. They said I’m not asking questions when I come round now except, do you want a cup of tea? So your confidence grows all the time.

“They’re just our kids, you have the issues of their background to deal with but with the training you know what to do and you’re prepared for it.”

Together for Adoption is here to help you take those first steps toward a new future and offers support and advice for anyone interested in finding out more about adopting.

It brings together outstanding expertise from across the region to help future adopters and those who have already adopted make a difference to children’s lives.

Together for Adoption is the new adoption agency which covers Cheshire West and Chester, Halton, St Helens, Warrington and Wigan.

If Jo has inspired you to find out more about Together for Adoption get in touch or call 01942 487272.