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After Louise got married, her focus naturally turned to starting a family. But she was soon stopped in her tracks.“I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and we went for various tests and they told us it was highly unlikely that I would fall pregnant and the chances of IVF working were really slim,” said Louise.

Adoption was not new to Louise’s wider family - a relative had also adopted a child and this helped them to look into it as an option.

Louise continued: “We decided that it didn’t really matter to us whether a child was biologically ours, we just wanted to be parents and didn’t want to be waiting for years and years trying different fertility treatments.”

Support was on hand throughout the adoption process for Louise and that continues even now years after adopting their first child.

“I know we can pick up the phone at any point and someone will get back to us with an answer and some assistance,” added Louise. “At the outset, you tend to think ‘we won’t really need any support, we’ll be fine’ and for the most part we were. But when it comes to the point that something is an issue or you need a bit of help or want some training, it’s good to know you can pick up a phone and there is someone there who can help you out.”

With their new-found family unit, the experience has brought so much joy to Louise’s life.

“Life is completely unrecognisable,” she said. “It’s so much busier so we think, what did we used to do with our time? But it’s so much more fun.

“Having waited so long to become parents we really enjoy it. There was a point just before we adopted where a lot of our friends had children and we didn’t and it felt like we were just in a completely different stage in our lives, it’s just nice to be moving on with everyone else rather than be left behind.”

Together for Adoption is here to help you take those first steps toward a new future and offers support and advice for anyone interested in finding out more about adopting. It brings together outstanding expertise from across the region to help future adopters and those who have already adopted make a difference to children’s lives.

Together for Adoption is the new adoption agency which covers Cheshire West and Chester, Halton, Warrington, Wigan and St Helens.

We asked Lousie - what would she say to anyone thinking about adopting?

“I would tell people to go for it. I think adoption can be a very positive choice rather than the last possible way of becoming a parent.”

If Louise has inspired you to find out more about Together for Adoption get in touch or call 01942 487272.